This course provides 9 OCN credits at level 2 or 3.

This course is for Union Learning Representatives (ULRs)

This course will help you:

  • develop ULRs’ skills and knowledge

  • build contacts within the union and with outside organisations

  • work with other union reps to improve union organisation at your workplace

  • find out what union policies are around learning

  • integrate learning and skills in wider union activities and structures

  • promote the value of learning and skills within the workplace

  • identify members learning needs

  • support members in managing their own learning

  • represent the interests of members

  • use a systematic approach to problem solving

  • develop a learning strategy incorporating equality for all

  • work with other union reps on learning issues

  • work with your employer to develop learning opportunities

  • collect and record information

  • find out about Government policies and programmes for learning and skills.

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