This course provides a minimum of 18 OCN credits at level 1 or 2.

This course is for trade union health and safety representatives. It is the first stage in the TUC health and safety training programme. It is designed to help you build the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to carry out your work as a safety rep.

The course focuses on four key areas:

• the role and functions of a trade union health and safety representative

• organising for health and safety

• preventing accidents and ill health

• key skills for a trade union health and safety representative.

The course will help you:

• identify problems – the main health, safety and welfare issues faced by your members

• involve members – by making them more aware of health and safety issues and the need for union action

• improve health and safety – by proposing plans for controlling hazards and improving the working environment

• use information and the law – tracking down information and knowing how to use it effectively

• get things done – by working with your union organisation and negotiating effectively with your employer

• develop skills – to do an effective job as a trade union health and safety representative

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